EVLars really want to test EV’s for very long term to test it. We want to test it for diffrent driving condition as: Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn. We will compare the cost for the diffrent Seasons. All test is allways on YouTube as Livestreaming and trackable on Glympse. We not hammer it, we driving and follow the traffic and take absolute no risk to hammer it. We allways follow traffic rules!. We wish to compare the car up to other car and tires. All test is neutral and the facts will come for that car and we will never tell other persons what car you should buy it’s up to them. If Your business will allow us to borrow a car for longer period are Your business allways allowed to put on Commercial on the car to display that and every Movie we make will allways have information of the car dealer. We can’t offer Money for borrow a car becouse this business is a blogger community and will not even take Money to test the car. We will cover cost of charging, and washer fluid and take a carwash then it needed. We will also use the car under Fortum Ladetour «Charging trips» With other ev’s last weekend of August. We want to use the car as a camper to not spend Money on hotels. Also under that trips in summer is allways a weekend. And if Your dealership have brand New car and will be released in near future will give it a really good test and display to a lot more pepole to watch the car and that thing. We will be the car dealer extended arm to ask on questions we known and that can be very good way to get more buyers.

Cars we want to borrow for Ladetour is: Tesla Model 3, Audi eTron, Skoda Vision-E (we can’t drive more than one car, but we known other bloggers can help us). All Livestreaming is allways on English and all Movies is made in English.
If you have a car EVLars can borrow for free take contact as soon as possible.

More information and Clear fixed text on this page will come later:

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