This year is Fortum Ladetour  (23-25 August 2019)
The new for this year we try Livestreaming on Norwegian  this year.

We will have Livestream soo long we are allowed to do it.
Livestram starts Friday 23.08.2019 around 09:00-10:00
This year is possible to see where we are on map (tracking)

Friday starts the tour from IKEA Slependen to DNT Haukeliseter Fjellstue via Rjukan
Saturday we starts from Haukeli Hotel and down to Kristiansand via Setesdalen
Sunday goes the tour from Kristiansand and back to Oslo again.

Tour will have lot of charging stops, and after the scheldue is the plan to livestream soo long we are allowed to do it.

As normal will Livestream be over celluarphone network on 4G, some places is out over coverage and pictures and sounds stops and will come back the the phone is back on 4G coverage again.
Bee nice and don’t press on Dislike becouse we have many places with signal dropouts. Norway is not the best on that area.

We will have music played from the car via car speakers with proper soundquality with subwoofer and proper microphone. But the sound can be lesser on bass as you will exepted in normal playing at home and will drag with much noise as roadnoise too and other noise.

Music is from:
Petter Hovden
Artlist (Use my referal url you will get 2 months of free)
No Copyright Songs (NCS) YouTube kanal

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You can also look at Bjørn Nyland, known as Teslabjørn driving the newst Nissan Leaf with 62 kWh batterypack on his YouTube channel