I have joined to this years #Ladetour2018 is by Fortum and sponsors.
I will send live on YouTube from Friday 24.08.2018 to Sunday 26.08.2018. Livestreaming is on YouTube. Here will you see thing live, and it’s possible to see where am are on the map. Trip start from Oslo.
Tour will have a lots of stops and fast charge stops and the plan is broadcast live contant. (so long I got premission to do it).
As usal will roadtrip be under streaming by celluarnetwork (4G/3G) and some spots is without good coverage and Picture can stop up and even the stream too and can be some Places without sounds too. Be caim and not press the Dislike buttom becouse we in Norway have not good datacoverage on cellurarphone network at all.The trip have following Points: Oslo – Røros – Hafjell – OsloMore info will come then I got info on it.Music can come in video and Music from Artlist is the best option for me.
Artlist is a Place where paied subscribers can use track free on video and YouTube. You will get 2 months free extras if you use my link: https://artlist.io/Lars-113967