Renault Zoe Z.E 50 Charging speed from 10% to 99%

With Renault Zoe Z.E 50 can you now charge up your car with fast chargers. Fast chargers is chargers devilery DC power.

First should you drive down to 10% or at least down to 15% before charging. All battery power over 10% anyway gives you not the best charging speed.

Read this table:

10% on the car estimate 42 km more to drive, but you should not go under 10% unless you needed it.

As you can see then we connect the car and charge for 14 secounds get 43,2 kW from the charger

At 11% says the car you will finish to charge to 100% on 1 hour and 15 minutes.
Range as estimated 45 km to drive with 11%.

We have stay on the charger in 7 minutes and 23 secounds gain: 5,39 kWh on that time and the charger pull out 44,7 kW of charging speed.

We have now stay for 12 minutes and 51 secounds, gain 9,47 kWh from the charger and speed goes a little up to 45,1 kW

We don’t grab that photo on 40%, but on 50% at least the speed throttle.
Charging for 26 minutes and 22 secounds. Power 36,9 kW and gain 18,58 kWh

On the half battery is the range estimated to 177 km, and have 50 more minutes to complete charging, but this is only estimated time.

At 60% after 35 minutes and 9 secound on the charger we gain 23,83 kWh and the power from charger is 33,9 kW

Car estimated 45 minutes to fully charge, and 213 km of range.

We have now stay for 43 minutes and 26 secounds. Gained 28,16 kWh. And the Power is 30 kW only.

Car reports now 71% becouse we was little slow to set us in the car and take the photo.
Estimated time to complete charging 35 minutes. Range is 251 km.

We have now stay on the charger almost 1 hour, but 52 minutes and 29 secounds is correct. Energy gained 32,42 kWh and the power drop like a rock and gives only 25,1 kW
Almost the same speed as 22 kW 3 phase charger.

Estimated finished time to charge in 30 minutes. 280 km of estimated driving range.

But we are crazy and really try to full charge on a fast charger. Will be more expensive than stays on a 22 kW charger anyway. Unless you charging on a charger with pure kWh pricing.
But on 90% and after 1 hours and 3 minutes, Energy from charger is 37,03 kWh. Power is only 24,4 kW.

Estimated finished charged 20 minutes. 315 km estimated driving range.

Allmost done now, on 99% and 1 hour and 21 minutes and charger gives 42,63 kWh of energy from start and the power is now soo freaking dog slow as 10,7 kW only.

Time for finish is disappear becouse it’s still charging but on some chargers will you not get notification about finished charging. Soo we stopped charging on 99% becouse it’s take too long time to fully charge it. Estimated range is 351 km.

It’s better to charge to 40-50% and drive and charge more often than standing on a charger and getting poor charging speed.