YouTube Channels:
EVLars : Contens review, tips, road trip videos.
EVLars -SlowTV-: Contens long video from Livestream and other Longvideo (languages can be in Norwegian or English)
EVLars Live : Contents Livestreaming, With Music, and maps and some information
EVLars OBD : Contents video from OBD on car support app like Nissan e-NV200 and Nissan Leaf

Glympse :Follow where I’m are. (Glympse uses then I have livestream and testdriving)
ChargeFinder: Follow there EVLars is with map and chargers nearby. If asking after charging spots you can help then we have Livestream

Music I using:
Artlist (Use my Link and get 2 months extra) – Place for paid subscribers to use Music on video, YouTube.
Philter -Norwegian artist-

Fast chargers operators in Norway:
Fortum Drive and Charge
Mer (Norwegian page)
BKK (Norwegian page) BKK (English page)
Lyse in Co Operation With BKK (Norwegian page) Lyse (English page)
Tesla SuperCharger (Norwegian page) SuperCharger Tesla (English page)
Circle K (Mainpage) (Charger map page) (Customer page) (Register as customer)

Fast chargers operators in Europe:
Tesla SuperCharger (Norwegian page) SuperCharger Tesla (English page)


Social Media:

EVLars -All Electric-

Other Goodies:

A Better Routeplanner is one of the thing is used to plan charging stops with under your roadtrips. Premium take and calculate even wind, weather, temperature. Get 30 day free Premium trial on ABRP by using referral code «JWYWDDJC»:

Filmora from Woundershare is used to create all video. You can get it and begin to make your own video on easy way and like a pro:

We are not allowed to use logos to Fast chargers operators and we can’t help you to recognize for that reason. Unfortunately, you must click on all the links to find out yourself 🙁